Thursday, January 12, 2012

The bad news ... it's WAR ...

The Bad News ...
NO Stash & Treasure banner on front of the town hall
... it's WAR!
When I booked the venue I asked about hanging a banner. I was informed council charged $300 to hang a banner.
After I was revived ... I was then told that NO I couldn't hang an S & T banner as council would have it's Australia Day banner up.

But ... I exclaimed ... Australia Day isn't for another 10 days? I potested ... ho...
...w can council accept my booking for their venue yet hinder me promoting the event?
I was then told the banner could be hung on Friday January 13. Meaning, the banner would be hung for less than 24 hours prior to the event.
No way.

After more discussion, council informed us the banner would be hung on the morning of Thursday January 12 .
OK, I agreed! That's better than nothing! Plus what's the point of organising S & T without a banner advertising it ??

At 5pm today I go to take a photo of S & T banner swinging in the breeze ... look what's on the front of Marrickville Town Hall, not our Stash & Treasure banner ... and silly me ... should have gone to check before 5pm when council offices are closed ... it's WAR !


PBPatch said...

You bring the ladder
I'll bring a flashlight
We'll swap the banners
meet you there are midnight.

Insert negative comment about Council here.

Cherie said...

Haaa love your idea BUT ... the council has the banner!!!!

PBPatch said...

I betcha that after this weekend, they'll put it up for Australia Day!

quilary said...

Well that's just plain rude of them!!!!